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Learn To Improve Your Lifting Health and Performance From The Local Experts

We feel for everyone who worked so hard to train and stay in shape only for their gyms to be closed down.


Now is the perfect time to improve your ability to stay in the gym, learn how to get over nagging aches and mobility issues, master how to restructure your training, and get ready for when the gyms open back up.  

We have created a 4 part online course that will consist of online classes where attendees will have the chance to learn, ask questions, and participate. 

lesson 2: joint control ($299 VAlue)

We all love to get in there and lift, but when is the last time you did some training just to improve your ability to stay in the gym? (Current patients better say yesterday!). In this lesson we will go over some simple ways to build control in the most commonly injured joints (spine, shoulders, hips, knees) and explain why this is so important for your health.

lesson 3: improve your performance ($299 Value)

All the above stuff is important but we know that for most of you improving your strength and looking great is a primary goal! We all want to lift heavier, more often and set pr's once we get back in the gym! We will cover how to improve your lifting techniques for: squatting, hinging, pressing, and pulling! 

lesson 4: structure your training ($299 Value)

As GYms are closed, planning your training can be difficult. As lifters we are used to having a clear goal in sight, the next gym session. In this lesson we will cover how to properly structure your days and weeks to stay injury free and lift for a lifetime! We will talk about how to practically include all the previous information in your life for the better. Did you know that many Lifting injuries are really training errors?

BONUS: LIFETIME MEMBership to a private strength athlete group($299 Value)

This private group is a community that is led by dr. zaki afzal and aims to provide strength athletes with the latest information, cutting-edge tips, and the opportunity for form-checks and to ask any questions that may be on their mind

This course is a $1495 value but just this one time The whole course will be available for $199



Who is The Strength Athlete Academy for?


💪🏼 Individuals that love to go to the gym to lift. If you want to get over aches and pains that are limiting your ability to progress at the gym, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.


💪🏼 Crossfit athletes that want to perform to their highest ability. You want to go to your box and perform the movements that are programmed in the WOD without restriction and modifications.


💪🏼 Bodybuilders that want to look their best but also FEEL their best. You want to make sure you can hit each body part as hard as you need to in order to look your best without waking up the next day feeling broken down. 


💪🏼 Powerlifters that want to lift to their max potential on the platform. If you want to have the squat, bench, and deadlift feel BUTTERY SMOOTH and not worry about how your joints will feel in the future. 


Who is The Strength Athlete Academy NOT for?


❌ Gym goers looking for a “quick fix” to their bodies problems. This program will equip you with the knowledge to understand your body and with that understanding comes information on how long it takes for PERMANENT long-term improvements.


❌ Individuals that go to the gym without any goals in mind. If you go to the gym just because you feel like you have to then this program is not the best fit for you. This program is designed to help passionate dedicated lifters into informed and better moving athletes.

It took me 3 years in my doctorate of physical therapy program, 1 year in a residency and 1 year in a fellowship to get comfortable with these concepts. I will teach you the basics that you really NEED in 4 1-hour live lectures. After finishing this program you will be able to take your basic mobility and performance needs into your own hands, learn more about the way your body moves, and feel better week after week!

Don't take my word for it though, look at what others are saying about me:

lesson 1: mobility at home ($299 Value)

We will cover how to determine your own personal areas of movement weakness and how to pick what exercises to use to address them. We will focus on what to do at home, but will also include great options for once you can get back into a gym

SO don't wait! Get on the road to a better moving and better feeling strength athlete body today!

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