Healthy hooper academy

Learn To Improve Your Basketball Health and Performance From The Local Experts

We feel for everyone who worked so hard to train and stay in shape for their basketball leagues only to have them all canceled or postponed.


Now is the perfect time to improve your ability to stay on the court, learn how to restructure your training, and get ready for the summer and fall basketball seasons.  

We have created a 4 part online course that will consist of LIVE online classes where attendees will have the chance to learn, ask questions, and participate.  Miss a class? No big deal. all classes will be recorded and sent via a private video link.

lesson 2: strength training at home/outside

We all love to get out there and hoop, but when is the last time you did some strength training just to improve your ability on the court? (Current patients better say yesterday!). In this lesson we will go over some simple ways to strengthen the most commonly injured areas (ankles, knees and hips) and explain what optimal technique looks like.

lesson 3: how to improve your performance

All the above stuff is important but we know that for most of you improving your performance is a primary goal! We all want to run faster, jump higher and set career highs once we get back on the courts! We will cover how to improve your sprinting speed, vertical jump, lateral quickness, and how to prioritize everything to help you become a better athlete!

lesson 4: how to structure your training

As basketball seasons are canceled, planning your training can be difficult. As hoopers we are used to having a clear goal in sight, the next game/season. In this lesson we will cover how to properly structure your days, weeks and months to stay injury free and hoop for a lifetime! We will cover some of the most common basketball related injuries and how to make sure you avoid them. Did you know that many basketball injuries are really training errors?

BONUS: LIFETIME MEMBership to a private strength hooper group($299 Value)

This private group is a community that is led by dr. zaki afzal and aims to provide hoopers with the latest information, cutting-edge tips, and the opportunity to ask any questions that may be on their mind

This course is a $1495 value but just this one time The whole course will be available for $129


The First class will be Saturday, april 11 2020.


In order to ensure a personalized experience we are going to limit this to the first 25 people to sign-up, so sign-up today via the link below.



lesson 1: mobility training at home

Learn to determine your own personal areas of movement weakness and how to pick what exercises address them. We will focus on what to do at home, but will also include great options for once you can get back into a gym

Who is The Healthy Hooper Academy for?


💪🏼 Individuals that love to get on the court and hoop. If you want to get over aches and pains that are limiting your ability to hoop, no matter where you are in your basketball journey.


💪🏼 Hoopers that want to feel more athletic and explosive on the court. You want to be able to get on the court and know you can lock down your man or blow by your defender because you are physically able to.


💪🏼 Hoopers that are tired of finishing games and having to jump into ice baths or use ice bags. you want the last thing on your mind to be where you're going to find ice to relieve your aches and pains. 


💪🏼 Hoopers that have had to reduce the amount of time on the court to stop playing all together because it's just not worth injury. ONce a hooper, always a hooper. You want to be able to get back to the game you love without sacrificing your body.


Who is The Strength Athlete Academy NOT for?


❌ Hoopers looking for a “quick fix” to their bodies problems. This program will equip you with the knowledge to understand your body and with that understanding comes information on how long it takes for PERMANENT long-term improvements.


❌ Hoopers that want to improve their basketball skill. This program will most likely indirectly help your basketball skills but don't expect a kyrie handle or a steph jumper after this.

It took me 3 years in my doctorate of physical therapy program, 1 year in a residency and 1 year in a fellowship to get comfortable with these concepts. I will teach you the basics that you really NEED in 4 1-hour live lectures. After finishing this program you will be able to take your basic mobility and performance needs into your own hands, learn more about the way your body moves, and feel better week after week!

Don't take my word for it though, look at what others are saying about me:

SO don't wait! Get on the road to a better moving and better feeling strength Hooper body today!

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